In The Ply

In The Ply is a one of a kind / custom / personal / luxury / artisanal / local / small-scale / sustainable / zero waste / modern / fibre brand.

In The Ply is art yarn, art batts, fibre packs and fibre art/objects created by fibre artist, Carmen Bohn.

I’m Carmen. I am the creator behind In The Ply yarns. (Add some of this to the other carmen tab)

I wear a lot of hats (including my own freeform crocheted ones). Some of my titles include: fibre artist, creative, maker, Mom, partner, sister, friend, community builder, entrepreneur, constructive disruptor, teacher and designer of epic learning experiences.

I focus on the design and creation of art yarns, wall hangings, hats and other cool stuff out of local fleece and fibre as well as recycled materials and repurposed objects, such as vintage dresses, my husbands’ old t-shirts, and discarded supplies from my daughters’ craft box. 

I am inspired by fibre and its potential.

My ‘WHY?’

The first time I ever sat down to learn to knit, I hated it. It was hard and frustrating and my hands wouldn’t do what I wanted them to. But for some reason, I sat down with it again the next day. And soon thereafter, I was hooked. 

From knitting I expanded my ‘portfolio’ into spinning when I inherited my first spinning wheel. Again, I didn’t love it and didn’t even want to try it but something in me said ‘give it a chance’. So, I did. That first spinning wheel sat as furniture in my home for awhile before I took a class. And once again, I found myself wondering how I had lived my life to this point without this amazing hobby.

Now, many MANY years later (and many more fibre-based skills under my belt), I don’t know what I would do without these beautiful, creative, meditative and transformational arts that have enriched my life and given me an outlet for my creative energies.

And so I say (to anyone that will listen): Making things by hand will calm you, slow you down a little from the rush of everyday life and make you happier! 

I want you to slow down, enjoy the act of making things by hand, learn new things and make meaningful connections with others in inviting spaces. ​

I want you to come make stuff with me. 

What do I create?

I prepare unique and inspiring fibres through the process of carding and combing, which I then sit down at my spinning wheel and create skeins of handspun yarn out of.

I crochet freeform hats that make people turn on the street.

I design and facilitate engaging fibre arts workshops.

My husband and I have built a beautiful and inspiring creative arts studio space in our neighbourhood of New Edinburgh in Ottawa. It will be open(ish) to the public really soon! Here, I create community and a local arts experience you won’t find elsewhere.

I weave beautiful and sometimes unusual tapestries with my own handspun yarn as inspiration. I’m currently working on more large scale statement pieces with discarded and recycled textiles.

I sketch, paint, doodle, write, create jewellry, make lip balms and lotions, candles, wreaths, natural dyes, holiday crafts (you name a holiday, I will make a craft to celebrate it!) and more. I believe in the power of making things by hand to root us in the present moment and make us feel better.

Why should you buy In The Ply?