About the Studio

Ply Studio is a creative arts workshop space in the New Edinburgh neighbourhood of Ottawa.  Created by local fibre artist, Carmen Bohn, Ply Studio hosts a a variety of workshops in topics such as:

  • Paint
  • Photography
  • Drawing
  • Creative Writing
  • Pottery
  • Jewellry
  • Soapmaking
  • Holiday DIY (e.g. wreaths, candles, ornaments, etc.)
  • … and, of course, fibre arts like weaving, felting, spinning, embroidery, crochet, knitting, rug hooking and more.

At Ply Studio, you can expect regularly scheduled (and sometimes last minute ‘pop-up’) workshops and retreats, a creative community hub that can be used/rented for events and activities, a well-curated selection of fibre and other workshop supplies for sale, and local, unique and one-of-a-kind gifts for sale from one of the many artists and makers the Studio engages with.

PLY STUDIO = modern, engaging, joyful, buzz-worthy  learning experiences & supplies you won’t find elsewhere.


Both my personal fibre brand In The Ply and Ply Studio are deeply intentional in their naming. 

In the fibre world, plying means putting 2 or more lengths of yarn together to make something stronger than either would be on their own. There is a magic in the ply. The finished product is quite unlike anything the individual elements might have been on their own. 

My workshop and studio space brings together different creative elements to create magic – to create something more than the individual elements are alone. Community + art + space + education + local + handmade = magic.


I believe in the power of making things by hand to heal ourselves and add more joy to our lives. 

I believe that spending time in one another’s company (yes, even virtually) while making things by hand and learning new skills is magic.

I believe in listening deeply, sharing openly, creating with curiosity, and encouraging greatness.

I believe that community is all around us, ready to be cultivated and grown with love. I am interested in creating more bonds and community around the things like colour, texture, flow, curiosity, asymmetry and beauty.

I believe that every day is a new opportunity to learn something new or expand on what you already know. 

I believe in sharing my love of the creative arts with anyone that will listen. 

I believe that learning new things will keep us young forever.

I believe in the power of the arts to create vibrant communities and a deep reservoir of wellness to tap into within ourselves.

I believe in holding and sharing creative space for one another.